Pumpkin Stuffed Toy Free Crochet Pattern

This Pumpkin Stuffed Toy is so adorable and cute! This pattern is made in a way that gives the pumpkins a kawaii and soft look, with doll eyes and a sweet mile! It even has a cute blush! It has the characteristic leaf vine, with a flattened pumpkin shape. Moreover, it has a striking and vibrant orange, which can be customized however you want! Play with the colors to see what you like and make it unique! Furthermore, this is also an amazing decoration for around the house! Since Halloween is starting to come up, this would make the perfect decor for the occasion! However, it would still be the ideal and amazing decoration in general! Kids will be sure to love this! Thanks Meemanan for sharing this free crocheting pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below the photo. Happy crocheting and enjoy!

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Pumpkin Stuffed Toy