Swirly McWhirly Overlay Mosaic Free Crochet Pattern

This really beautiful mosaic is the perfect design for any different patterns, such as blankets, pillow covers, carpet, rugs, and more! The design is gorgeous and have very modern, simplistic, and minimalistic swirls that create an amazing effect! Furthermore, this is also really soft and perfect for the skin, and is very comfortable to the touch. It’s great to sleep with if it’s a blanket and perfect as a floor rug. You can customize it completely by attaching strings and tassels or other decorations onto mosaic, but also customizing the colors! You can modify them however you want to make it the most unique and special to you! Thanks Abi McIntyre for sharing this crochet pattern. The link for the pattern is provided below the photo. Happy crocheting and enjoy!

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Swirly McWhirly Overlay Mosaic